Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CallowLily Inspired Makeup!

Todays makeup was inspired by this makeup by CallowLily.
And really I dont think Im too far off :)
I changed some things around to make it a bit more me but all in all I like it!
And if you want the pink at the sides to be more vibrant then Id put it on before powder because I layered this stuff on and thats as pink as I could get it with putting it over face powder.
This could be really fun halloween makeup and you could totally make it more outrageous but I didnt since I had to go out in it lol

I think I might do more makeup like her paintings because they are soo beautiful! :)

MAC Shadestick- Red Velvet
MAC Pigment:: Fushia
MAC Eyeshadow:: Knight Devine & Gesso
MAC Lipstick:: Girl About Town
Coastal Scents:: Blush Palette (lightest pink)

The best full face I have :/

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  1. have you tried napoleon perdis in fuchsia? That might work better, you might want to try that at the counter. When I looked at my napoleon fuchsia I didn't think it would be that bright but it turned out to be quite good. It should be fine if you pack it on the brush =D