Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Blue Cream Shadow Experiment

So this was my first time creating a cream shadow/cream liner and it didn't turn out to bad! :)
First of all I LOVE the color,its a extremely deep blue that almost looks black but in the sun (which there wasent any today so I cant show you) there's very tiny brighter blue sparkles.
Now its just made with petroleum jelly and mica so its super easy but with the petroleum jelly I knew I'd run in to a huge problem and that is that because its a jelly,it dosen't dry fast at all cause its thick and will slide around and crease which is the problem with a lot of cream shadows Ive tried.
But to counter this I put a napkin over it and Im gonna let it sit out and leave the top off for a few days which will help dry it out a little so when I put it on, itll dry faster and wont crease :D
(this is also what I did with Urban Decays Cream Shadows,just put them in a 5gram jar and leave it for about 2 days)
So today's different little post is just to basically show you the color and let you see it as a eyeliner which I think its perfect for and we'll check back in on it in a few days but anyway.....

The Main Problem!
Before It Went Everywhere!

I wish I could get it to dry like this,its definitely the creamiest eyeliner Ive ever used! :p

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