Friday, September 3, 2010


So I made this light gray/purple eyeshadow or, so I thought cause on me its just a light silver-y color. Which is why I named it Secret, on a different skintone it will probably be a totally different color lol
Anyway I wanted to do something a bit more dramatic but not really over the top and I think I found a happy medium :)

So I have black glitter on my bottom lashline (to which you cant really see) and a cut crease to make it a bit more dramatic and more my style but then used a neutral color for the lid cause I did go out in daytime like this and it was so hard leaving the top liner off! I kept wanting to add stuff to it.

And thats about it, Im gonna get in some bright fluorscent colors soon so some really dramatic makeup posts are coming :)
.:: USED ::.
JadoreNoir's Secret Eyeshadow (eyeshadow's are all my own)
JadoreNoir's Goblin Eyeshadow
JadoreNoir's Night Glitter
Rimmel's VolumeFlash Masacra
MAC's Feline Kohl Eyeliner

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